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LINDON - An oversized load was a bit too oversized for a bridge over Interstate 15 in Utah County. A track-hoe that was riding on a trailer struck the Proctor Lane Overpass as it moved under the bridge on southbound I-15, near milepost 275.

"Went underneath the bridge, the track-hoe got caught, damaged the structure and then got pulled off onto the freeway," said Highway Patrol Trooper Janet Miller.

The accident created a crack on part of the bridge's structure, bent a couple of beams and pulled one beam down to the ground.

"We're really lucky we didn't have any cars damaged," said Miller.

UDOT's structural engineers examined the bridge and determined it is safe for vehicles to pass underneath it on I-15.

The bridge was set for demolition beginning Saturday as part of the massive I-15 Core construction project. A new bridge is being built just to the north and UDOT had planned to shift traffic onto that bridge by the weekend.

UDOT spokesman Scott Thompson said the bridge, which has a posted clearance of 15 feet, 4 inches, has not been a problem for high loads. "Most of the bridges we are putting back in place are about 16-17 feet high, so it will be higher," he said.

Miller said the load measured 16-feet, 2-inches.

Another bridge to the north was demolished last year after it was struck by an oversized load.

The Highway Patrol said the driver will likely be cited. A crane was brought in to lift the heavily damaged track-hoe back onto a trailer.

Southbound I-15 was shut down briefly, but has been re-opened. The overpass itself has been closed and will remain closed until the planned demolition Saturday.

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