Truck Accident Attorneys in Indiana

Truck Accident Attorneys

FLOYD COUNTY — A dump truck hit at least three vehicles at two sites on U.S. 150 just west of Greenville Wednesday morning.

Floyd County Sheriff Darrell Mills said a tri-axle dump truck hit a couple of cars at U.S. 150 and Ind. 335. The driver continued down U.S. 150 and hit another vehicle at Voyles Road about a half mile away.

Mills said no one was injured in the accident at Voyles Road, but injuries were reported at the accidents at Ind. 335. He said he didn’t have any information on the extent of those injuries.

Mills said it’s uncertain why the driver continued after the first set of vehicles were hit, but blood tests conducted on the driver should be complete Thursday.

“We have a standard procedure for us to draw blood and see if there was any kind of intoxication,” Mills said.

Mills said more information about the accidents should be available Thursday.

“It’s under investigation and we’ll see what happens here,” Mills said. “We’ll get with the prosecutor and see what we’ll do from this point.”

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