Two Killed by Amtrak Train

Amtrak Kills 2

Two local men are dead after their truck collided with a freight train in the Dodge County Village of Reeseville. The Dodge County Sheriff's Department said the railroad gates were down at the time of the crash, but two men drove around them.

Neighbors say the railroad signals sounded as a freight train slowly approached the railroad crossing on Main St. The train even came to a complete stop.

The two men assumed there was no danger, but there was a second track. They couldn't see or hear the Amtrak train coming on the second track. So they drove around the stopped train and were killed on impact.

The equipment that controls the signals and gates caught fire and was destroyed. Trains are now slowed until the repairs are completed.

The Dodge County Sheriff's Department has not yet released the names of the two men who were killed. No one aboard the Amtrak train was hurt.

From Fox 6 Now